Here comes the sun

Amsterdam Central Station at River IJ
Amsterdam Central Station seen across the River IJ

We’re having a rather mild January here in Amsterdam (written in 2014). Cold, but mild. As in, temperatures a few degrees above freezing — though the windchill factor makes it feel right at, or just below, 0° Celsius (32° Fahrenheit.

Still, since July 2013 we’ve been having a streak of above-normal temperatures, with the exception of last August, which was very wet and fall-like indeed.

Anyway, the other day we were promised sun, but what we got instead was a sudden blanket of low-hanging fog. I always think of it as God erasing part of the city in order to build something new, but once the fog lifts everything is still as it was before.

Despite the weather I went for a walk along the river IJ — one of my favorite spots in Amsterdam. I first went to Al Ponte — our favorite coffee kiosk.

Ferry on the river IJ in Amsterdam
A ferry crosses the river IJ at Amsterdam Central Station

Doing so required one trip across the IJ to downtown Amsterdam at Central Station, and another trip — with another ferry — back to a different place in North than where I started.

After a couple of espresso macchiatos (perfect, as usual), I walked along the Noordwal — and from there to the bus in order to go back home. It was mild, but cold, remember.

However, on the way home the bus first swings by the ferry landing where I took the boat to Central Station. By the time we arrived there, the sun — hidden all this time — was just trying to break through the clouds over the train station.

So I had to get off the bus in order to take some photos, including the one you see above.

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