A spot of sun in Amsterdam

It’s been a bitterly cold March in Amsterdam this year — with more days of frost than we had in January. What a contrast with last year, when birds, bees, flowers and trees all got an early start.

In looking for some weather illustrations for one of my websites, I saw this photograph — which I took in May 2008. It’s one of those typical downtown Amsterdam scenes: two guys enjoying the sun at an intersection where one of the streets is car-free.

Note that an extension cord powers the laptops they are using.
Sunny Amsterdam
I don’t know what the story is: whether they are just relaxing, browsing the internet or checking their email — or whether they’re actually working.

I work from home myself, and truly enjoy it.

Working from home is not for everyone. For one thing, you’ve got to have a certain amount of discipline and drive, particularly when you are your own boss.

For another, you do miss the camaraderie you find in certain work places.

Of course the other sign of that coin is that you don’t have to put up with office politics (again, as long as you are your own boss).

Anyway, I appreciate the appreciate the opportunity to go out and take photos like this one whenever the weather invites me to do so.