Arctic Sunrise — Greenpeace in Amsterdam Harbor

Arctic Sunrise, Greenpeace

Sailing across the IJ river behind Amsterdam’s Central Station we saw the Arctic Sunrise, one of several Greenpeace vessels stationed here.

Update, September, 2013: In an act of piracy, the Russian government has seized the Arctic Sunrise after Greenpeace activists attempted to raise a protest banner on a Russian oil drilling platform.

The ship is registered in Amsterdam. The Dutch government is considering legal action against Russia.

Update, August 3, 2014:  Russia has finally released the Artic Sunrise it stole.  The ship is on its way to Amsterdam, where extensive damage deliberate caused by the Russian thugs, will be repaired.

On a personal note: I am embarrassed that our country last year hosted a visit by Putin during the Netherlands-Russia friendship year.  I consider Putin to be a thug who has a mindset quite similar to that of Hitler.

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