“Read The Bible, The Book For You”

A house at the corner of Elandsgracht and Lijnbaansgracht, in the center of Amsterdam, sports a message spelled out in huge, white letters on a black background: “Lees De Bijbel Het Boek voor U” — Dutch for “Read The Bible The Book For You”. Yes, no punctuation.

Most Amsterdammers are familiar with the sign, but don’t quite know why it’s there. Continue reading “Read The Bible, The Book For You”

Noordhollandsch Kanaal, Amsterdam

It’s the middle of February, and according to both the astronomical and meteorological reckonings we’re still in the ‘middle’ of winter as well.

Except… thus far this has been an exceptionally mild winter.  Sure, it’s been cold and wet at times, but in Amsterdam we have seen hardly any snow and certainly no ice on the canals. Continue reading Noordhollandsch Kanaal, Amsterdam

Here comes the sun

We’re having a rather mild January here in Amsterdam. Cold, but mild. As in, temperatures a few degrees above freezing — though the windchill factor makes it feel right at, or just below, 0° Celsius (32° Fahrenheit.

Still, since July 2013 we’ve been having a streak of above-normal temperatures, with the exception of last August, which was very wet and fall-like indeed. Continue reading Here comes the sun

Greenpeace Ships in Amsterdam

Janet and I are fortunate is that we live in a car-free park in Amsterdam. Though we live in a suburb close to gorgeous rural Amsterdam, we’re not far away from downtown.

To get there we can take a bus to Central Station, using the IJ tunnel. Or we take a bus (a bike-ride or a walk) to nearby NDSM — a former shipyard — and cross the IJ river by ferry to the station. Continue reading Greenpeace Ships in Amsterdam

We survived Benidorm

Those who know us will be flabbergasted — shocked, even — to learn that Janet and I just spent a week in Benidorm.

Benidorm is a Costa Blanca city that went from the proverbial ‘picturesque small Spanish village’ in the middle of last century to one of today’s worst examples of the excesses of mass tourism.

After the fishing industry went into decline in the early 1950s, the town council thought it would be a good idea to target the emerging tourist trade.
Continue reading We survived Benidorm

Tres Hombres — Chocolate, Coffee, Rum and more

Last week Janet and I spent some time on board of the Tres Hombres, a beautiful brigantine that happens to be “the one and only freighter carrying cargo across the Atlantic without an engine.”

Propelled only be wind power, it leaves no footprint whatsoever as it travels between Western Europe and the Caribbean.
Continue reading Tres Hombres — Chocolate, Coffee, Rum and more

A spot of sun in Amsterdam

It’s been a bitterly cold March in Amsterdam this year — with more days of frost than we had in January. What a contrast with last year, when birds, bees, flowers and trees all got an early start.

In looking for some weather illustrations for one of my websites, I saw this photograph — which I took in May 2008. It’s one of those typical downtown Amsterdam scenes: two guys enjoying the sun at an intersection where one of the streets is car-free. Continue reading A spot of sun in Amsterdam


It’s almost 2 pm, and I’m quite pleased with the way this day is shaping up.

Thus far I have written two blog articles for different websites. I have update the front page of a news site. I sorted through the overnight catch of email — deleted some 50 of them, answered 36, and filed away for later handing a further 30 or so.

I have also written a few lines for an e-book project, made some notes on an overdue book review I hope to finish this week, and updated three websites to the latest WordPress version.

Oh, and I’ve done a load of laundry, and a few minutes ago I started the bread machine.

Laundry? Baking?
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